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The patented, proprietary e-payables and customer
payment portal that enhances cash flow while
reducing costs and improving controls.

  • More than 10 million vendor invoices processed
  • Invoice processing costs reduced by up to 80%
  • Unmatched real-time cash flow visibility enables more accurate forecast spend
  • Better strategic cash flow management through instantly configured payment practices
  • Manual invoice approval transformed into automated decision making
  • Duplicate invoices/double payments virtually eliminated

REALRemit® sets the new standard for Spend Management Technology
Customers using the REALRemit® solution on average process 99.4% of their invoices electronically.

The patented REALRemit® solution is processing 750,000 invoices annually per associate, exceeding industry best practices of 100,000 invoices.

REALRemit® simplifies even the most complex invoice approval and payment processes and delivers Best-In-Class Performance with
  • The lowest average invoice processing cost
  • The shortest invoice approval cycles
  • A low Pay-for-Use Pricing Model

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